Celebration! - Max Kulich Art is one year old! What we've done so far?

* Online Shop Max Kulich Art www.maxkulichart.com/paintings

* Online Gallery collaboration with Saatchi Art, Zatista and Singulart

* Art Exhibitions:

14.10.2019 Vernissage "Licht&Schatten" Gallery Eisenwaren Kamp Vienna

05.11.2019 Vernissage „All in Red“ by Art Gallery Vienna & Association Kunstschaffen Vienna

03.12.2019 Vernissage “Highlight” by Art Gallery Vienna & Association Kunstschaffen Vienna

05.12.2019 Vernissage "Engel&Bengerl" by Gallery Art Pool Vienna

* Art Blog on Max Kulich Art going around worldwide www.maxkulichart.com/blog

* Sold over ten paintings international

* Over 1000 followers on Facebook and 400 on Instagram – keeping you updated weekly

* Our web-shop www.maxkulichart.com was visited over 2000 times from over 40 countries (Austria, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, Japan, China...)

Let’s keep in touch!

With love, Max&Ana