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About the artist Max Kulich

Max Kulich born in 1987 in Austria is a passionate artist who specializes in the creation of unique abstract acrylic paintings. His artwork features gentle colors and fluent compositions and has an overall light tone. 

Max is a painter, designer and engineer who is merging various techniques and concepts in his works, always looking to find new forms of expression. He has been working in the field of visual arts for over 15 years.

Originally an illustrator for games and movies, Max now blends his deep knowledge of realistic drawing and design with his skill of abstract thinking and perceiving, bringing about a wonderful combination of both worlds. Besides painting, he is still working as a visual artist in the fields of digital illustration and 3D visualization. In his private time, he is mainly occupied with philosophy, zen meditation, movies, long walks in nature and of course art.

Max Kulich Art is the Winner of Austria Prestige Awards 2020/21


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